A complete benefits solution for your independent workforce.

Help your 1099, part-time W2 and independent contractors save time and money on health, dental, vision & life insurance, taxes, car repairs and more, all in a co-branded and configurable benefits portal.

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Health, dental, taxes & more

Help your workers save time and money on health, dental, vision & life insurance, tax filing & preparation, car repairs, travel & more. 

One app for all your benefits

Give your workers a single, mobile-optimized experience where they can access all of the benefits & perks you're offering.

Customize & tailor

Stand out by adding your own offers, providing different perks for different tiers of workers, replace existing benefits with your own, and more.

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A complete, co-branded benefits solution.

The Stride Benefits Platform provides everything you need to help your non-benefited workers save time and money on health insurance, tax preparation & filing, banking, car repairs, shopping, and more.

Postmates Portal

Co-branded portal

Stride builds, hosts, manages and configures your custom branded portal for you; all you need to do is provide your logo, imagery and custom offers and we'll get you all set up.

Health & wealth marketplace

The Stride Benefits Platforms comes with a complete health insurance enrollment experience, dental, vision & life insurance offerings, and over 100,000 deals & discounts.

Guidance & expertise

We're committed to helping you get the most out of your program, from providing complete communication campaigns to insights & analytics to optimize your program.

Custom Containers cropped

Showcase your own perks.

Stride comes with "BYO Perks" containers that let you present any special offers, discounts or benefits you have for your workers.

Swap in your own benefits.

Stride comes with a huge selection of built-in benefits, but you can replace those benefits with any you may already have.

Motivate your workers.

With Stride, you can tier your workforce and offer different sets of benefits and perks for different groups of workers.

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Help your workers save time and money.

Your co-branded Stride Benefits portal comes with a complete set of health & wealth benefits. 

Health Insurance

Stride helps your workers find the best health insurance plan for their needs at the lowest possible price, in 10 minutes or less.

  • All plans available on gov't exchanges
  • Verifies financial assistance
  • Integrated with

Dental Insurance

Stride's custom dental plans leverage Delta Dental's nationwide network and offer prices your workers won't find anywhere else.

  • Plans start at less than $25/month
  • Can be used at over 300,000 locations
  • Includes bi-annual checkups & cleanings

Vision Insurance

Stride's custom vision plan is administered by VSP, the nation's leading vision insurance company.

  • Less than $10/month
  • Can be used at over 84,000 specialists
  • Covers $120/year for eyewear

Over 100,000 deals & discounts

Stride helps your workers keep more of their earnings by helping them find local and national discounts.

  • Discounted Banking & HSAs
  • Prescription & eyewear discounts
  • Local dining, auto repair & more

Life Insurance

Stride helps your workers get the coverage they need without hidden fees or annoying phone calls.

  • Get approved in 5 minutes
  • Lower costs = more savings
  • Can increase or decease over time

Tax Guidance & Tools

Stride helps your workers lower their tax bill and estimate how much they should be setting aside.

  • Mileage & expense tracking
  • Profession-based tax guidance
  • Webinars and phone support
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Your workers will love you.

With an average NPS of 74, Stride users love Stride—and they'll love you for offering it to them.

"Great service. Always helpful with tips and notes within the app/website. I love everything! You make it all so easy. Thank you!"


Laura M.

Delivery Driver

  "I have been using stride for about 3 months, and I am amazed of how it works and how much it does for people, I have recommended this app to many people that are self employed and drive around. And even they enjoy this app. I would like to thank the developer for helping people, thank you."

Joseph F.

Rideshare Driver


"It was so EASY! The plan covers so much, so reasonable, especially for me, since I haven’t had health insurance for 13 YEARS! Low payments, low deductible, low cost pays! I’m thrilled!"


Robin D.


"Health insurance is the most complex subject for me to understand and I guess for so many people too. Stride made it so easy to understand the whole concept and to to compare a whole range of plans out there."


Robert Y.

Retail Sales Associate

"i am very happy with my dental insurance and the monthly fee. i need dental work and haven't been able to see a dentist because the costs were expensive without insurance. Now i have it and to apply was very simple and fast. thank you."


Gregory M.

Carpenter / Installer

"It was almost unbelievable the courtesy I received and the best monthly premium!"


Kianna F.


The #1 benefits platform for  the independent workforce.

Since 2014, Stride has been the leader in helping create economic security for everyone who works for themselves. Join the movement and help your workers spend less and keep more of their earnings.




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