Simple, Affordable Health Insurance for your Community–At No Cost to You.


With your own co-branded Stride Health Insurance Portal, you can help your community of users find and enroll in the best health insurance plan for their needs at the lowest possible price, in 10 minutes or less. 

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Stride Co-branded health insurance portal

A complete health insurance solution.

Your co-branded health insurance portal will help your community get a personalized plan recommendation, see if they qualify for financial assistance, help with submitting their application, and year-round support from Stride's award-winning member experience team of licensed agents.

Personalized health plan recommendation


Personalized recommendation

Stride will ask your users a few questions about their needs and then search through thousands of Affordable Care Act-qualified health insurance plans to find the one that best meets their needs.


Save money on health insurance


Financial Assistance

Stride will help your users calculate their adjusted income and then check to see if they qualify for financial aid. On average, 80% of Stride users qualify & 40% pay less than $25/month for quality insurance.

Stride's Award-winning customer support


Year-Round Support

Stride's award-winning Member Experience team is available by phone and email throughout the year to assist your users with everything from submitting their payment to understanding their coverage.

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Everything you need to help your users get covered.

You'll get a co-branded health insurance portal with access to all of the plans on and the state-based exchanges, along with communications plans and support to help get your users enrolled.

Co-branded Health Insurance Portal

We'll build, host and maintain your co-branded health insurance portal featuring your logo, your imagery, and your brand terms.


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Co-branded health portal

Health Insurance Marketplace

Your health insurance portal comes with access to all of the health insurance plans available on and the state exchanges, as well as qualified off-exchange plans that meet Affordable Care Act requirements.

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Stride's health insurance marketplace

Tailored Enrollment Support

Stride will provide you with all of the communication assets you need to get your users engaged and enrolled–email templates, social media assets, blog content, and more. 

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Stride - Tailored Communication Templates

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