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Find affordable coverage that helps you stay physically and financially healthy.

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Record your expenses, find new deductions, and save on filing.

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Get discounts on everyday expenses, just for being a Stride member.

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Workforce Partnerships

Help your independent contractors, part-time employees or community members get their own affordable benefits.

Marketplace Partnerships

Promote your services and offerings in the Stride Benefits Platform and reach thousands of independent workers.

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Everything you need to provide customers, agents, and sales teams with an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly EDE-powered enrollment experience.

Strategic Partnerships

Got an idea on how we can work together to help people stay financially healthy? We want to hear from you!

Why we do what we do

We believe independent workers should feel great about their financial situation.

Since 2014, we've been focused on making it easy to get the insurance you need, to help you find ways to lower your taxes, to save you money on everyday expenses, and to offer you free help from licensed professionals when you need it.

    About us


    We believe every independent worker deserves financial security.

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    The leader in portable benefits for independent workers


    Since 2014, we've helped over 3 million people save over $3 billion on everything from their health insurance to their taxes. Our headquarters are in San Francisco, California and we have teammates all across the United States.

    Stride was founded on the principle that independent workers deserve the same financial security as full-time employees. That's not just about your income—it's also about having the right benefits that cover your health needs, about managing and minimizing your taxes, and about saving money on everything from auto repairs to education.

    Since day one, we've been focused on helping rideshare & delivery drivers, freelancers, real estate agents, hair stylists, athletes, caregivers, pet sitters, creators, independent contractors, and part-time employees get their own "portable benefits," which is just a fancy way of saying benefits that belong to you and that you get to keep, regardless of what type of work you're doing or where you're doing it.

    This includes affordable health, dental, vision & life insurance, free tools to help you track your mileage & expenses and estimate your taxes, and special deals & discounts on everyday expenses.


    A better way to get affordable health insurance


    Stride started out as a health insurance marketplace, and that's still a big part of what we do. We're not an insurance company; instead, we help you find the best Affordable Care Act health insurance plan for your particular needs, at the lowest possible price, and make it easy to get enrolled—usually in about 10 minutes.

    We're an approved partner of (you'll see us listed here), so you'll have access to all of the same health insurance plans you'd find on the government health sites along with easy-to-use tools to compare different plans, learn about your options, and, if you need it, get help from award-winning licensed humans to help you get covered and put your plan to use.


    How we make money


    Stride's tools are free for individuals to use. We're an independent insurance broker, so we get paid a commission by insurance companies when people enroll in their plans through Stride. These commissions are already built into the price of the insurance plans, so you're not paying extra when you enroll through Stride.

    Not every insurance company pays commissions, but that doesn't change the recommendations you'll get from Stride—neither our technology nor our agents know the difference between which plans pay a commission and which ones don't, so we'll always recommend the best plan for you, regardless of whether or not we get paid.


    Our licenses


    All insurance brokers are required by law to be licensed in each state they do business. You can find our licenses here.


    Our products


    We got our start with health insurance, and over the years we've expanded our suite of benefits to serve all of the needs of independent workers. Here's what we offer today:

    Health insurance

    Find the right plan for your needs, at the lowest possible price, in 10 minutes or less.

    Dental insurance

    Covers checkups & cleanings and accepted by over 300,000 dentists. Starts at $30/month.

    Vision insurance

    Accepted by over 70,000 specialists, covers $120/yr in eyewear. Starts at $10/month.

    Life insurance

    Protect your loved ones with simple, no-hassle coverage. Apply in 5 minutes.

    Accident insurance

    Get reimbursed for medical expenses on- or off- the job. Starts at $25/month.

    Disability insurance

    Get paid at least $500/month if you can't work because of a long-term disability.

    Prescription discounts

    Save 40% or more on first-time prescriptions or refills at over 70,000 pharmacies

    Mileage & expense tracking

    Record your miles, find new deductions, & estimate your tax withholding, for free.

    Local deals & discounts

    Save on auto repair, dining, entertainment, travel, sporting goods, jewelry, and more.

    Let's work together


    Whether you're looking for your next career opportunity, a business that wants to offer portable benefits to your community of non-benefited workers, a member of the press or have some questions about benefits, we want to hear from you!

    We're hiring!

    We're looking for engineers, product managers, marketers, customer support representatives, and more.

    Come help us build the benefits system for the 21st-century workforce!


    Find your dream job

    Workforce Partnerships

    Want to help your independent contractors or part-time employees get their own affordable benefits? We can help.

    A workforce partnership with Stride includes:

    • A co-branded benefits portal
    • Custom communication plans
    • Dedicated partner support team

    All of this, at no cost to your company.

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    Marketplace Partnerships

    Want to offer your products or services to Stride's community of independent workers?

    A marketplace partnership with Stride includes:

    • Inclusion in Stride's benefits portal
    • Email & in-app marketing
    • Dedicated partner support team

    Let's explore what we can do together.

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    Customer Support

    Have questions about how health insurance works, or what kind of expenses you can deduct? We've got you covered.

    Visit our Support Center


    Call us at 415-930-9110

    Media Inquiries

    Writing a story about the gig economy, portable benefits, tech startups, or health insurance? Drop us a line!