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    News Background (3)
    Recording Academy Helped Nearly 2,000 Music Professionals Explore Healthcare Coverage

    by Paul Grein on Billboard — January 20th, 2022


    Allstate’s National General Taps Stride to Power ACA Enrollment for Agents, Quotit

    by Yahoo — January 5th, 2022


    Giving gig workers an on-ramp to health care

    by Beth Szymkowski on Mastercard Newsroom — December 21st, 2021


    Recording Academy Extends Enrollment Deadline for Affordable Health Insurance

    by Paul Grein on Billboard — December 17th, 2021


    Fiverr announces partnership with Stride Health to help US freelancers gain access to health insurance

    by Jonathan Greig on ZD Net — December 1st, 2021


    Oscar Health picks Stride Health to partner on enrollment platform

    by Nick Moran on Becker's Healthcare — November 23rd, 2021


    Stride raises $47 million from investors including Mastercard and Allstate to expand its gig worker benefits business

    by Tom Dotan on Business Insider — October 26, 2021


    The Pros and Cons of Insuretech Startup Expansion

    by Laura Beerman on Health Leaders — August 23, 2021


    With August 15 Health Insurance Deadline Looming, Many Gig Workers Risk Missing Out On Savings, New Data Shows

    by Deb Gordon on Forbes — August 5, 2021


    Gig Workers Paying 54% Less For Health Insurance, New Data Shows

    by Deb Gordon on Forbes — July 21, 2021


    What Becerra’s senior team says about HHS’ priorities

    by Adam Cancryn and Sarah Owermohle on Politico — May 21, 2021


    As working out goes virtual, Moxie raises $6.3M seed+ round led by Resolute Ventures

    by Mike Butcher on TechCrunch — April 8, 2021


    Revealed: Billboard's 2020 Women In Music Executives

    by Billboard Staff on Billboard — December 3, 2020


    It’s Not Just You: Picking a Health Insurance Plan Is Really Hard

    by Margot Sanger-Katz on The New York Times — December 11, 2020


    35 companies that boosted their employee benefits amid COVID-19

    by Amanda Schiavo on Employee Benefits News — December 8, 2020


    Moderne Ventures Invests in Stride to Bring Portable Benefits to Every Real Estate Agent

    by Yahoo — November 18, 2020


    Uber, Doordash, Postmates And Stride Join In Health Insurance Push

    by — November 12, 2020


    Best Insurance Options for Gig Workers

    by Miranda Marquit om DoughRoller — October 30, 2020


    62% of California Rideshare & Delivery workers plan to vote "Yes"​ on Prop 22, 35% more than the general population

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — October 28, 2020


    Future of Uber, Lyft on the line in fight to keep drivers from becoming employees

    by Sasha Lekach on Mashable — October 24, 2020


    Mastercard: New Stride Partnership Is Just ‘First Step’ In Helping Gig Workers

    by — October 16, 2020


    New Mastercard partnership provides flexible benefits to gig and independent workers

    by Evelina Nedlund on Employee Benefits News— October 15, 2020


    Uber breaks new ground: Proposes paying for "Freelancing with Benefits"

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — August 10, 2020


    Access To ACA Coverage In The COVID-19 Crisis

    by Katie Keith on Health Affairs — July 1, 2020


    What to Know About Health Insurance and Coronavirus

    by David Levine on U.S. News & World Report — March 26, 2020


    Cure for the Common Co. with Noah Lang of Stride Health

    by Steve Blumenfeld of Willis Towers Watson — February 15, 2020


    Nearly 1 in 4 Gig Workers Pay Less Than $1 Per Month For Qualified Health Insurance Plans

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — November 21, 2019


    Livongo’s founder says that tech workers want to work at mission-driven companies: ‘They come to us’

    by Christina Farr on CNBC — November 4, 2019


    Stride Health launches new benefits platform for gig workers

    by Kevin Truong on MedCityNews  — August 22, 2019


    The Stride Benefits Platform to Offer Health and Wealth Benefits to Independent Workers

    by Mayuri Chaudhary on HR Technologist  — August 22, 2019


    Gig Platforms Put Stride’s New Benefits Platform to Work

    by Shefi Ben-Hutta on Coverager  — August 21, 2019


    Compete for 1099 Talent with the New Stride Benefits Platform

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — August 21, 2019


    The state of benefits in the gig economy

    by Jack Craver on BenefitsPro  — August 14, 2019


    Ahead of its IPO, Postmates starts offering no-strings perks for couriers

    by Sean Captain on FastCompany  — August 13, 2019


    U.S. gig workers get support from private companies, but public policy lags

    by Hussein Ahmed on VentureBeat  — June 2, 2019


    Stride Health is making health coverage easier for the gig economy

    by Kevin Truong on MedCityNews  — December 14, 2018


    With deadline looming for enrollment, Stride offers direct enrollment for gig workers

    by Jonathan Shieber on TechCrunch  — December 13, 2018


    Gig Workers Expect to Hear About Open Enrollment From You. Now.

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — December 12, 2018


    It’s Obamacare Sign-Up Time: How to Untangle Coverage Choices

    by Tara Siegel Bernard on The New York Times  — November 1, 2018


    Welcome Home: Gig Workers to Get A Better Shot at the American Dream?

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — September 10, 2018


    Leave No Worker Behind: Reimagining Benefits in the On-Demand Economy

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — August 30, 2018


    5 Companies That Offer Benefits to Gig Workers

    by Maryalene LaPonsie on U.S. News & World Report  — August 23, 2018


    Gig economy workers need benefits. These companies are popping up to help

    by Lydia DePillis on CNN  — August 23, 2018


    It’s Summer: How to Take a Vacation When You Work for Yourself

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — August 2, 2018


    6 Ways Companies Can Welcome, Motivate and Maximize Gig Workers

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — July 19, 2018


    Can the Platform Economy Teach Old Industry Dogs New Tricks?

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — June 12, 2018


    Healthcare, freelanced: Where will gig economy workers get coverage?

    by Chris Taylor on Reuters  — May 15, 2018


    New Ruling Aside, We’re Still Missing the Point on the Gig Economy

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — May 9, 2018


    Launching Stride Tax for Airbnb hosts!

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — March 28, 2018


    H&R Block’s new Self-Employed product integrates Stride’s tax app, talks business, delivers value and expertise

    by Globe Newswire  — January 5, 2018


    Stride Health sees a tailwind from the individual mandate

    by Peter Newman and Ayoub Aouad on Business Insider  — December 14, 2017


    With just one day left in open enrollment, companies turn to Stride Health for help

    by Jonathan Shieber on TechCrunch  — December 14, 2017


    Stride Health connects independent contractors to the benefits marketplace

    by Amanda Eisenberg on Employee Benefit News  — September 17, 2017


    Willis Towers Watson and Stride Health to offer comprehensive benefits and guidance for contingent workers

    by Willis Towers Watson  — September 7, 2017


    Stride Health raises $23 million to expand gig economy benefits, double workforce

    by Antoinette Siu on San Francisco Business Times  — August 22, 2017


    Work independently, with 20/20 vision

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — June 30, 2017


    Efforts Increase To Bring Health And Other Benefits To Independent Workers

    by Yuki Noguchi on NPR  — June 23, 2017


    What Benefits Can Companies Offer Gig Workers?

    by Mark Feffer on SHRM — March 21, 2017


    Obamacare launched a new wave of startups. Now they're bracing for what's next.

    by Elizabeth Dwoskin on Chicago Tribune — February 20, 2017


    Most Rideshare Drivers have never heard of the "Gig Economy"

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — June 30, 2017


    Stride Health Launches An App That Tracks Uber Drivers’ Expenses

    by Sarah Kessler on Fast Company — August 31, 2016


    Uber driver? You’re probably leaving money on the table.

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — August 31, 2016


    How Should Regulators Shape "Benefits" Regulations for the 1099 Economy?

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — July 13, 2016


    Why venture capital firms are pouring money into health insurance

    by Bob Herman on Modern Healthcare — March 19, 2016


    Stride Health: The health insurance broker Uber is using

    by Kate Rogers on CNBC — February 9, 2016


    A new era for dental insurance?: Beam Technologies and Stride Health partnership responds to sharing economy

    by Erin Robinson on Dentistry IQ — January 18, 2016


    Stride Health, Intuit help self-employed find insurance

    by Carolyn Said on San Francisco Chronicle — October 30, 2015


    Who's Responsible for Your Uber Driver's Health Coverage?

    by Christina Farr on NPR — October 30, 2015


    A Healthier Route to Self-Employment: Stride Health Partners with Intuit

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — October 29, 2015


    Stride Health: Gig Economy Band-Aid Or The New Social Contract?

    by Christina Farr on FastCompany — October 15, 2015


    Taking your health in stride, with Noah Lang of Stride Health

    by Michael O'Neal on Solopreneur Hour — October 13, 2015


    Stride Health Raises $13M To Be The HR Platform For Freelancers

    by Christine Macgee on NPR — October 11, 2015


    Manifesto for a Modern Worker Class­: The On-Demand Contractor

    by Noah Lang on LinkedIn — June 18, 2015


    Chasing Entrepreneurial Opportunity in the Affordable Care Act

    by Steve Lohr on Recode — November 19, 2014


    A Stride Toward Simpler Health Insurance in California

    by James Temple on Recode — March 17, 2014


    Choosing a Health Plan Is a Pain. Computers Can Do It for You

    by Daniela Hernandez on WIRED — March 8, 2014


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